Important Tips for First-Time Boat Buyers

Posted on: 5 April 2016

Buying a boat, like buying a car, should mean more than just considering how it looks; you need to note all the features available, the mechanical components, if it's the right size for your use, and so on. If you're never purchased a boat before, note a few important tips for first-time buyers when shopping boat sales.

1. Use of boat

Like cars, not all boats are meant to perform equally. A pontoon boat will have a flat bottom and offers more room on the boat's floor; these are good for parties and families, but note that they don't typically go very fast since the flat bottom creates more drag so they're not good for racing. A fishing boat may have more storage onboard for tackle and gear and higher seats so you can more readily manage your casting and trolling without getting a line caught on the side of the boat.

For skiing, tubing, and other sports, be sure you choose a boat meant for water sports. These will usually have an extended platform off the back so you can safely get in and out of the boat without getting too close to an outboard engine. Boats meant for water sports may also have a thinner design so they can more readily cut through the water and gain the speed you need for towing.

2. Choosing the engine

Note the horsepower of engines and choose one that will provide the speed and towing strength you'll need for water sports and for the weight of your boat. If you're looking for a fishing boat, an engine with a stronger muffler that won't startle fish may be more important than its overall horsepower. An outboard motor may also be better for fishing as you can then tilt it up and get the blades out of the water when necessary; if you'll be fishing in weedy areas, shallow spots, or around reefs, the blades may be more likely to get tangled in weeds or drag along the water's bottom. Being able to pull the engine out of the water so you can manually row your way through these areas is often a good choice.

For those who want to take their boat far from shore, consider getting dual engines. This is so you can use one and keep the other as a reserve if the first one should fail. This can reduce your risk of being stranded on the open waters and having to wait for rescue when an engine fails.


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