2015 Was a Record Year for Luxury Car Brands in Australia

Posted on: 14 December 2015

The year is almost over, but the figures are in and the verdict is out. The year 2015 saw record sales from top luxury car brands in Australia. According to SBS, luxury cars this year performed better than they have in decades. The same is being replicated in high-end markets such as the Gold Coast, where sales of some luxury car brands are said to have jumped as high as 300%. Drive magazine reports that 11 of the 18 major luxury car brands in Australia are set to enjoy record sales this year.

So what does this all mean for luxury cars and what does it mean for you? Read on to find out.

What are luxury cars, exactly?

'Luxury cars' is a broad terms that refers to vehicles designed for the high-end market. These vehicles bear trims that go above and beyond what basic vehicles have. When looking at a luxury vehicle, you are bound to see high-spec features such anti-lock brakes, heated seats, reclining seats, onboard navigation and anti-collision systems, leather and wood trims, etc. Luxury cars also bear sophisticated build designs, boast a long cultural heritage and come with a hefty price tag.

Why the buying frenzy?

A number of factors have been attributed to the increase in luxury car sales this year. The top reason is low interest rates, which are quite modest at the moment. These have made financed buying more affordable than it was in yester years. Increasing incomes among the masses and a younger upper class are also major reasons for the surge. According to the motoring magazine, a weaker US dollar has also made imports cheaper, thus creating a welcome window of opportunity to seize such high-end vehicles.

What this means for you

Even if you were not one of the lucky people who managed to get themselves a luxury car this year, this is still good news for you.

For one, it means that if you have been aspiring to get a luxury car but have been holding back, the flood gates are now open and you can splurge without seeming as if you're making a show.

Two, the record sales mean that there will be more competition among the luxury car brands moving forward. As a prospective buyer, therefore, you can expect more buying incentives from these brands come 2016.

What's your dream car? Jump into the bandwagon and spoil yourself as well. If you can't afford it yet, start saving or ask your local dealer about financing options for luxury cars.


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